Driven by passion for development and innovation for almost 30 years, Rallye Footwear has continued to expand its’ product offering under  private label as well our own brand names such as Arctic Ridge, Arctic Tracks, Gray Wolf, Splashers and SubZero.  

We take great pride in being part of the “Made in Canada” story, with over 120 employees, we have manufactured over 35 million pairs of winter, rain and safety boots. 


Rallye Footwear Inc.

Rallye Footwear Inc. is a privately held family owned and operated manufacturing company based in Montreal, Quebec.  


All of our footwear is designed and produced in Canada for Canadians who know about inclement weather, that expect to feel great and look good while enjoying the outdoors and confidently mushing or mucking about discovering Canada’s wondrous terrain.        

We’re committed to offering quality products, esteemed customer service and    fostering for the greener good and doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint from conception, production, packaging and to our ongoing recycling program.